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Having an upcoming family trip is exciting, and you just cannot wait for the day to come. What most people do not know is that some like cruise shipping is fun and exciting and it would be a great treat for you family. However, there are risks involved and you must get a travel insurance cover to keep you all protected and safe through out the trip. So how do you buy travel insurance?

Here are some tips to help you get cheap annual travel insurance.

How often do you travel?

Before you get the annual insurance policy, you must consider the number of times that you travel per year. If you make less than six trips in a year, you are better off with individual policy whenever you want to travel. However people who make trips can gain a number of cost benefits by getting annual travel insurance.


Do some researches to make sure that you understand the types of policies available. An ordinary travel insurance coverage should include options like tip cancellation, medical, lost luggage, unexpected expenses and accidental death. Make sure that the policy you buy contains all these options to keep you safely covered.

Consider your destination

If you are likely to travel in areas which are considered highly dangerous, you can get a high risk cheap travel insurance cover. This can be destinations where there are political instabilities and civil wars. Some countries are also known for risks of natural disasters.

Activities you will be engaging in

You may also require a high risk Insurance policy if you travelling to engage in activities which could be risky. This includes activities like climbing mountains; sky diving, scuba diving, fighting with bulls and many others.

Before you start looking for cheap travel insurance, you should write down a list of the things that you must have in the coverage and then come up with another which you can name nice things to have.  This will help you choose the most affordable insurance cover depending on the costs and importance of the listed items.

Get the best

You can then make a list of four or five most reputable travel insurance providers Narrow the list down and remain with the best. This is to make sure that you get the best.

Make sure that you get quotes from all the five companies. Try not to get tempted to get the policy from the first company which has unbelievable offers, wait until they are all there so that you may compare them. After selecting, you can go on to apply for cheap travel insurance and enjoy your trips all year round.

There are many companies offering travel insurance covers, so you may be a bit overwhelmed by the wide variety available. However, you will always settle on the best and most affordable one if you follow the steps above.

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